Lab Analysis Management

PSXweb allows you to publish online the tests your laboratory offers. Using PSXweb, manage your tests, test groups (test profiles), requisition forms, and more.


More than 50% of non-conformities in a lab occur before the specimens even reach the laboratory. This has been confirmed using data from our QCXweb system. PSXweb addresses this issue using its core test management engine. This allows laboratories to publish information regarding tests to all parties concerned.

Using PSXweb, lab managers can catalog each test offered by their department and include all the details of the analysis including specimen collection procedures, handling details, transportation specifications, turnaround time, and price and patient instructions.

Other laboratory information, such as requisition forms, opening hours, headline news, can also be managed using PSXweb.

Public website
  • Automatic test publishing
  • Test search engine
  • Publish laboratory news
  • Display reception location and opening hours
Test management
  • Collection details
  • Patient instructions
  • Transportation details
  • And much more...
  • Manage users
  • Test groups (test profiles)
  • Requisitions
  • Other documents

PSXweb's license includes the following:

  • System setup and personalization
  • Monthly hosting
  • Online training
  • Tech-support